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L-4 Light Multi-Purpose Amphibian Airplane

Aircraft performance

L-4 with the
Rotax-912 ULS engine

Maximum takeoff weight, kg


Empty weight, kg


Engine type

Rotax-912 ULS

Engine unit power, hp


Applied fuel

Motor petrol Ai-95

Propeller type

Controllable-pitch propeller

Speed at liftoff, km/h


Cruising speed, km/h


Maximum speed, km/h


Cervice ceiling, m


Flight range, km


Takeoff run with maximum takeoff weight, m


Landing run, water/land, m


Crew, men


Number of passenger seats



The light multi-purpose L-4 amphibian aircraft is a modification of the L-6 model and is intended for a wide range of private pilots and professional aviation operators. L-4 does not only let you enjoy the flight, but is also capable of transporting cargo, patrolling water areas and bringing hunters or anglers to the most hidden places of Russia. The flight range of 1500 km without refueling is possible due to the use of motor petrol with low fuel consumption (30-38 l/h). And the six-meter cabin will be comfortable both for the pilot and passengers.

The L-4 amphibian aircraft is a twin-engine cantilever high-wing monoplane, with a tricycle-equipped retractable landing gear with a tail wheel.

The aerodynamic fineness of 15 units by 65 kg/m2 of wing load allows having low takeoff and landing speed (65-75 km/h), keeping the cruising speed at high level (180-200 km/h). This advantage makes aircraft familiarization of private pilots much easier.

The embarkation and disembarkation of the pilot and passengers afloat is done along the tail boom between the fins through an upwards opening access hatch, which allows getting on board without ladders and pontoons. The instrumentation of the L-4 amphibian aircraft of all modifications allows daylight flying according to visual flight rules.

The power unit may be composed either by two 100-hp Rotax 912ULS engines with KievPROP controllable-pitch propellers, or by two 120-hp Jabiru-3300 engines with Woodcomp controllable-pitch propellers.

The fuel is carried in two fuel tanks located in the port and starboard wings.

The main landing gear is of the spring type, the tire dimension is 500x150, the wheels are equipped with disk brakes with separate hydraulic drive to the left and right wheel. The plane has a castor tail undercarriage with hydro-pneumatic shock absorption; the wheel dimension is 200x80.
In winter the aircraft can be equipped with skis.
The plane has duplicated control. It has no special pilot technique features, is easy to control, reliable and safe. Retraining of flying personnel as well as training of technical personnel requires minimum time and is carried out by the personnel of the manufacturer.

The airplane may be customized with any equipment. The plane and engine are provided with necessary spare parts. The aircraft owner may count on immediate technical support and assistance.





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